a collection of silly films from Fred Tatasciore and Devin Uzan

The Scriptomatic 9000 removes the cumbersome task of creativity.

Failure is not always bad


Ducky learns about complexity.

Ducky salutes Dan McLaughlin of the UCLA Animation Workshop.

Ducky and Walter play a new game

Ducky learns how to be cultured.

Ducky learns the meaning of fear.

Who will win this epic battle?

A very wrong sort of fairy tale

Ducky and Walter learn about keeping a positive attitude.

Ducky goes on a new game show

Donald and Uncle Sam get into it

Ducky pitches his ideas to a new media company.

UCLA needs a cash infusion.

Do you have Lazy Animator Syndrome?

Even in tough times, the show must go on.

Learn how to make an animated motion picture.

Enter Fred Tatasciore's Vibe.

Devin Uzan's American Civ. -1. Grandpa and Billy don't see eye to eye on American history.

Sit back and relax and watch Devin Uzan's Abnormal.